• Zachary Blair

Announcing the Florida Freedom School

I am excited to announce my participation in a new public education project: The Florida Freedom School.

In the upcoming months, I will be working with local teachers, scholars, researchers, and activists to formulate a new resource and archive for a robust, diverse, inclusive, critical, culturally-responsive K-12 curriculum.

This comes as Florida and other states continue to push new restrictions on public education, seeking to eliminate teaching the history of racism, whitewash American history, and exclude LGBTQ+ histories and life. The Florida Freedom School seeks to counter these policies and efforts by providing accessible lessons, lesson plans, and an archived record of this political trend shaping our public schools.

The Florida Freedom School is inspired by the legacy of the Mississippi Freedom Schools (which includes contemporary schools in Chicago, Seattle, St. Louis, Tucson, and Atlanta) and hopes to continue their efforts to create alternative and accessible spaces for radical learning where teachers are free to teach and students are free to learn.