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Developing Winter Park

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Research and data collection continues on my project studying urban development in Winter Park. I have made some interesting discoveries while studying Dixie Terrace that connect local development to a few unlikely social mechanisms, as it is simultaneously shaped by some of the usual players (i.e. racial segregation, patterns of global capital, and neighborhood nostalgia). Looking forward to developing this insights as my research continues. In the meantime, I'll be sharing some brief updates here and there on this blog. For those who may be concerned, the writing continues on my dissertation on Boystown but the end feels like it is near. This is why I am making plans for the next project.

This is a house that was located at 1211 Oaks Boulevard in Winter Park, FL. The building was located on a desirable corner lot and sold for $460,000 on 01/02/18. Two corners of this intersection are already empty lots, after bungalows were demolished to make room for larger homes. This will be the third property located on this intersection that has been demolished within the past 6 months to make room for new construction.


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