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Letter to the Editor (Orlando Sentinel)

Today I sent the following letter to the editors of the Orlando Sentinel. I am not sure if it will be published, so I am putting it here. These letters have word limits, so I kept it short and to the point.

I understand that Earl Crittenden (Board Chairman of the OnePULSE Foundation) has written regularly for the Orlando Sentinel, that your editor’s have written an editorial supporting the OnePULSE Foundation’s museum project, and that your paper has recently shined the spotlight on Pam Schwartz’ controversial methods for preserving the objects of temporary mass shooting memorials. As you and your reporters support the OnePULSE Foundation, you have turned a blind eye to the resistance to the OnePULSE Foundation and their efforts to construct a $45M memorial-museum complex and to turn the mass sooting into a $100M capital campaign. We know this because you failed to report the protests that took place at both the OnePULSE Foundation's memorial event and the Contigo Fund’s "For Us By Us" event on June 12, 2016. While your paper reported on Pulse’s unpermitted fence and for that I am thankful, you and the City of Orlando have also failed to do an investigation of other unpermitted work that was done at the Pulse Nightclub—which your reporters vaguely referenced in their reporting on the fence. It is clear, that the Orlando Sentinel is no longer neutral. The Orlando Weekly did an excellent job representing what actually happened on the six-year mark of the mass shooting. Maybe you can learn something from the editors there.




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