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Zachary Blair is an anthropologist, researcher, writer, organizer, academic, and gun violence victims advocate. 


He received his PhD in anthropology with a concentration in Gender and Women's Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago in December 2018. He has worked as a researcher, curriculum developer, university administrator, editor, visiting professor, and public health specialist. He also co-founded the nonprofit VictimsFirst, which helps victims directly and guides communities in their response to mass casualty crimes, including mass shootings. As the Vice President of VictimsFirst, Zachary helped ensure over $8.9M were granted directly to mass shooting victims between 2021 and 2022. In 2022, VictimsFirst joined hands with VTVCare and the Christina Grimmie Foundation to form the Victim-to-Victim Alliance (VTVAlliance)—a trusted and centralized resource for victims of gun violence.

Zachary is currently working on a book entitled, Machine of Desire, based on his doctoral research on urban development and the gentrification of Boystown, Chicago's gay neighborhood. He is also working on a number of projects related to the political ecologies of development and violence in Central Florida, specifically Orlando and Winter Park.

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