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What started out as a personal essay, grew into a journal article and an interactive poster that I will be presenting at at least one conference this Fall. I have received some excellent feedback from my peers, for which I am very grateful. While I am still working on the final draft of the journal piece, I will be presenting the poster at the upcoming Spaces and Flows conference in November. The journal article has been accepted, pending revision to North American Dialogue. I will also be submitting a presentation of both for the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis as part of their late-breaking sessions. So this weekend is going to be a work weekend for sure, that is, for as long as the power stays on. Hurricane Hermine just made landfall 40 minutes ago. No wonder I am tired all the time. So much going on. Anyways, once I have presented the interactive poster, I will post it on here so it is public.

In the meantime, I have a lot of catching up to do with some of the new developments about the shooting. The City of Orlando has released all kinds of records and phone calls (I can not watch or listen to most of it - I am not sure if I ever will be able to). Luckily, none of that has anything to do with my essay.



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