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Fieldwork Photos

Abandoned Building across the street from the Orlando City Stadium on West Central Boulevard.

Yesterday, I spent the day in Parramore and Historic Callahan—photographing and recording soundscapes throughout the neighborhoods. While recording, I was run off public property by a man in an idle truck who pulled up next to me until I left (clearly an intimidation tactic, when I left, he left). Another notable moment happened as I was recorded video of one of the largest construction projects (a large, luxury student housing building on Livingston Avenue). Waves of small styrofoam particles swirled around the parking lot. Thousands of pieces. They were blown off into the city. There are environmental effects of new construction that never get noticed or accounted for...

Six-foot-tall fabric tapestries printed with various phrases are draped over fences in an attempt to hide unsightly construction sites. This one advertises the future Creative Village.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took during todays' fieldwork:


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