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Soundscapes and Landscapes

I am embarking on a new communication strategy that combines art with ethnographic research. I hope that it will get more people engaged in the conversation by providing an alternative to the traditional conference paper. This new project requires both the visual and aural documentation of urban development in Orlando, which I am weaving together to create what I am calling an "immersive mosaic."

This past Sunday, I was able to record various sights and sounds in the Parramore neighborhood during the quiescence of the evening hours; after construction workers went home and the buzzing, beeping, and roaring of new construction had ceased. I recorded planes rumbling overhead, the crinkle of plastic sheets and tarps as they were blown by the wind, the incessant beeping of nearby crosswalks, children playing in the streets, and hawks and crows squawking as they flew high above the tallest of construction cranes. Here is a sample of what I was able to record:

In addition to recording local soundscapes, I was also able to take photos from various new viewpoints while I still had daylight. Here is a sample of some of those photographs:


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